Qigong (Chi Kung) Workshop in Hamilton, Sunday, February 26 2012

As living beings, we have access to the abundant flow of energy that surrounds us at all times. With stress, injury, or illness, the flow of energy becomes stifled.

Qigong - or "energy work" - is an ancient Chinese practice that uses mental focus, deep, natural breathing, correct posture, and gentle movement to release any tensions, scar tissue, or stale emotional patterns that block the flow of qi. When qi flow is restored, you feel refreshed, balanced, and peaceful.

We are offering a three-hour qigong workshop on Sunday, February 26, 2012. No prior experience is required. All skill levels and abilities welcome.

Time: 1-4 pm
Location: Regent Centre, 150 Locke Street South (next to Starbuck's)
Fee: $75 
($50 for tai chi students enrolled at the Regent Centre)

The afternoon will include instruction in standing qigong meditation, guided visualization exercises to help you relax, and an introduction to a qigong routine that you can practice at home. You'll receive a handout to take with you to remind you of what you've learned. Refreshments provided.

Enrollment is limited. Contact Melissa at smithmk2@gmail.com or (905) 521-0043 for more information or to register.