December Newsletter

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Holiday Schedule and January 2014 Class Start Dates 
2014 Tai Chi for Beginners Courses (I) and (II) 
Ongoing Qigong Classes 

Dear All,

I hope this finds you very well and looking forward to a much-deserved holiday break. As we approach the beginning of 2014, my wish for each of you is that you continue to find smart and innovative ways to cultivate peace, joy, and well-being. Further to that goal, I would be delighted to see you at a Tai Chi or Qigong class or workshop in the coming year. I am always available by phone at (905) 521-0043 or email at to talk to you about any questions you might have about classes and workshops.

All my best,

Holiday Schedule and January 2014 Start Dates

Regent Centre
The last class at the Regent Centre before the holiday is Saturday, December 21st.
In the new year, classes at the Regent Centre will begin on Friday, January 3rd, 2014.

Chalmers Presbyterian
The last class before the holiday at Chalmers will be on Thursday, December 12th.
In the new year, classes at Chalmers will begin on Thursday, January 16th.

Tai Chi for Beginners (I), Winter 2014 

If you're looking to start learning Tai Chi in the new year, I'm offering two courses for brand new beginners. These are ten-week sessions that introduce you to the first part of the Tai Chi set.

Wednesday afternoons, 1:15-2:15pm
Location: Regent Health Centre, 150 Locke Street South, Hamilton
Start Date: January 8, 2014
Instructor: Gillianne Shaver

Thursday evenings, 7:45-9:15pm 
Location: Chalmers Presbyterian, 200 Mountain Park Avenue, Hamilton
Start Date: January 16, 2014
Instructor: Melissa Smith

Tai Chi for Beginners (II), Winter 2014 

On Saturday afternoons at the Regent Centre we'll continue our study of the Tai Chi set with Tai Chi for Beginners (II). This ten-week course will see us through to the end of the Tai Chi set. We'll focus on polishing familiar moves and forging ahead through new material.

Saturday afternoons, 3-4pm (4:00-4:30 continuing practice)
Location: Regent Health Centre
Start Date: January 4, 2014
Instructor: Melissa Smith

Qigong at the Regent Centre

Qigong classes will continue to run at the Regent Centre on Monday afternoons, 1-2pm and Saturday afternoons, 2-3pm. Beginners are always welcome at Qigong. On Mondays we'll be continuing our study of Eight Silk Brocades; on Saturdays, we'll focus on Five Elements / Six Healing Sounds. The first Saturday of each month, I'll be offering formal sitting meditation instruction.