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Sunday, January 29, 2017
Regent Health Centre Studio
Fee: $60

This Tai Chi workshop will work with Push Hands and the Tai Chi set.

Push Hands is both a partner exercise and the sparring form associated with Tai Chi and other internal martial arts. Learning Push Hands is absolutely key to understanding correct Tai Chi movement, as well as the art of dealing with another person's energy. Practicing Push Hands can enormously benefit self confidence, deepen your practice, and teach you how to tell when your technique is correct, and when it would benefit from adjustment. It moves chi, or energy, like no other discipline we study. At its best, it is deeply invigorating and uplifting, and can help the practitioner conquer common fears, and inspire new approaches to daily challenges.

This workshop will help participants master Push Hands fundamentals, and include instruction on how Push Hands practice relates to Tai Chi technique. We will also be working with Qigong sitting meditation in order to integrate the body and energy changes that accompany Push Hands.

Participants must have completed Beginner's Tai Chi and be familiar with the Tai Chi set. 

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