Reiki with Melissa

I'm very pleased to announce that in addition to tai chi, I am now offering reiki treatments. I received my level one reiki attunement earlier this year from Carol-Ann Glenn, founder of the RoseHeart reiki lineage, and my level two attunement in early October, 2009.

Reiki works by channeling healing energy into each of the chakras or energy centres of the body, opening them so energy can flow more freely. A treatment balances the energy centres, clearing any congestion, and enabling these centres to absorb and assimilate energy in a much more efficient manner. As energy flows unimpeded after a treatment, the physical body begins the process of repairing and healing itself. The healing energies of reiki also offer support to the emotions, so any difficulties or issues can be approached in a more balanced way.

Most people find that a reiki session leaves them feeling relaxed, balanced, and refreshed. Reiki continues to work long after the session has ended. A reiki treatment typically takes a little over an hour; I suggest that we book an hour and a half for a session.

I have also done reiki treatments on pet animals and younger children (under eight years of age). If you would like to add healing for your child or pet to your reiki treatment, I would be happy to arrange that.

Contact me for more information about reiki or to inquire about my rates:
Melissa Smith