Tai Chi for Beginners

The next session will begin Saturday, October 13, 2018. 

Current beginner's schedule:

Saturdays, 2-3 pm
Mondays, 12:30-2 pm

For more information or to register, email Melissa at smithmk2@gmail.com or call (905) 521-0043.

Tai Chi for Beginners introduces participants to the 108-move Tai Chi set. This set is an excellent entry point into internal or soft martial arts, self-healing, and meditation. The course focuses on the sequence of movements while at the same time teaching core principles of Tai Chi that will serve you in all your future Tai Chi practice. Think of this as what to do--where to put your hands and feet, the choreography of Tai Chi--and how to do it--how to move in a way that relaxes and energizes the body and mind.

As a teacher, I am aware that new students usually approach learning with two things in mind: one, an interest in exploring Tai Chi, and two, some personal purpose for wanting to learn, whether it's getting involved in meditation, pursuing inner peace, addressing a need for healing, or otherwise optimizing wellbeing.

When I began learning in 1991, I specifically wanted to use Tai Chi to rehabilitate following an accident. The more I learned, the more I moved beyond that initial aim, but I still credit Tai Chi with my mobility, flexibility, and the fact that I am pain-free despite my prognosis. I aim to help you explore Tai Chi while also offering instruction on a one-on-one basis to get you moving in the right direction as fast as possible.

This course is appropriate for absolute beginners with no experience in Tai Chi, or for those who may have taken Tai Chi previously but want to work on their core Tai Chi skills or on memorizing the set.

How Long Does It Take to Learn The Set?
The answer to this depends a little bit on the class as a whole. Some groups learn more quickly than others, and some want to move through the set while others are more content to take their time. My primary purpose is to get Beginners through the set without making anyone feel too rushed. On average, six to eight months should be enough time. Bear in mind that the main thing isn't how fast you learn the set, but how you feel after each class and the positive effects Tai Chi has on you even from the beginning.

Where Do I Go After Tai Chi for Beginners?
Once participants have completed the Tai Chi Set, they may join intermediate Tai Chi classes on Monday mornings (9:30-11am), Wednesday afternoons  (1:15-2:15pm) and/or Saturday afternoons (3:00-4:30). With permission, students who have attended intermeditate Tai Chi may join advanced Tai Chi on Friday afternoons (1:10-2:40).

On the Form I Teach
I teach a 108-move set. Although it does take longer to learn than some of the shorter forms out there, I believe that the longer set offers a more complete workout and will help create a firmer foundation for your health in the long term. The journey of learning the set can be frustrating at times, but think of this as an investment in yourself.

The 108 form contains the same movements as the set taught by the Taoist Tai Chi Society. If you have experience with that form, you'll recognize the steps. However, my approach is quite different. I bring to the table almost twenty-five years' experience and training in Tai Chi and other internal martial arts, Qigong exercise and meditation, as well as my work in related fields of energy healing. The focus of my own practice is understanding the internal aspect of Tai Chi; correct movement; using Tai Chi to safely and comfortably address specific challenges; and Tai Chi as martial art. I share all of these aspects of Tai Chi with my students, and have seen amazing transformations happen through regular Tai Chi and Qigong practice.

Go here to view or print out a copy of our tai chi set.
Go here to view Master Moy demonstrating the tai chi set that I teach.

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