Lok Hup Ba Fa Training, Summer 2018

Based on the feedback I received, I've decided to start Lok Hup sessions on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. These classes will run throughout the summer. They will be outdoor sessions at my home in Hamilton, weather permitting.

I'm really looking forward to sharing this set with everyone who is planning to attend. Lok Hup is a very challenging, very special internal martial art, that draws on and challenges all the techniques we talk about in class. For many people, it eventually becomes their favourite set, and is, in many ways, the most effective of the sets that I teach.

The formal class will run from 6:45-8:15pm, with time for warmup exercises, which I might or might not lead, from 6:30pm--in other words, feel free to arrive anytime at or after 6:30pm, and expect the Lok Hup training to start at 6:45.

The cost for people who are paying the monthly fee for Regent Centre classes will be $10 per class; $15 otherwise. You will only pay for the sessions you attend. If you have to skip a session for whatever reason, then that is fine.

If you would like to attend, please send me an email at smithmk2@gmail.com to confirm. Even if you've already spoken to me about it or sent me an email, I need to hear from you again to put together an email contact list. I've set aside a spot for everyone who has expressed interest so far. Please be advised that space is limited.

Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Dear All,

This is just a quick word with a few reminders, and one point of inquiry for any of you who might be interested in additional advanced instruction.

Victoria Day Weekend
All classes will run as usual. If you have plans for the holiday, I hope you have a wonderful time! If those plans include coming to the Regent Centre for a class or two, I will see you there!

Upcoming Workshops
The Spiritual Development group will be meeting this coming Sunday, May 20 (that's 2018 if you're reading this at a future date), 2-4pm. This meeting takes place at my home. If you'd like to attend, I would appreciate hearing from you by email, if I haven't already, at smithmk2@gmail.com.

Sunday, June 17, I'll be running a Qigong workshop at the Regent Centre, from 1-5pm.

More information about these and upcoming workshops can be found here.

Lok Hup Ba Fa Training
I've had more than one inquiry recently from people interested in polishing and / or learning the Lok Hup set. I personally love this set and would be happy to arrange to teach it sometime soon, although I feel that this would be best offered separately from our regular classes. One suggestion was to run a Lok Hup workshop. I could also see it as something we might add to the agenda through the summer, perhaps as an additional weekly class, so it wouldn't interfere with the other material we're working with.

I'd like to get a sense of numbers, level of interest, time and place that might work for people. I could see this as an evening class (Wednesday? Thursday?) and potentially, depending on numbers and people's interests and needs, something we might do outside?

***NOTE the prerequisite for Lok Hup training is that you have already completed Tai Chi Beginners. Ideally it's something you would take on board after practising Tai Chi for at least a year or two.***

I would be looking to charge an additional (modest) fee for these classes, but nothing too exorbitant. I would also happily set aside a future workshop date for Lok Hup, if that would make more sense. Please let me know what you think! There is no rush.

Workshop Cancellation, Sunday, April 15, 2018

The ongoing freezing rain this morning is going to make driving tricky and potentially unsafe today. Reluctantly, I'm cancelling this afternoon's workshop. Hope to see you all soon!

Tai Chi and Qigong Classes, Saturday, April 7, and Monday, April 9, 2018

Dear All,

Continuing Tai Chi classes and Qigong class this coming Saturday and Monday are going to be self-directed. I hate to miss class, but I unfortunately need to be away from the studio for a few more days.

Gillianne Shaver will be running Saturday Beginners and Monday Beginners Tai Chi (thanks, Gillianne!). She has kindly offered to ensure that the Centre is open on Saturday and will lock up when Continuing Class is done.

I would love to hear back that you all were able to gather, get a great workout, and come up with all kinds of interesting questions for me when I get back. I'm counting on each of you to bring the same enthusiasm and self discipline to class that you show when I'm there to watch you.

All my best,

Tai Chi and Qigong Classes, Friday, April 6, 2018

Dear All,

The continuing Tai Chi Class and Qigong Class on Friday, April 6, 2018, are going to be self directed. Unfortunately I need to be away from the Centre that day. I trust that you can work together to talk yourselves through an excellent workout. It would probably be a good idea for someone to bring a printout of Eight Silk Brocades so you have something to work on in Qigong class. I'm going to be relying on people who have been attending for some time to guide newer students through the workout. (Don't correct each other though! Just guidance!)

A copy of Eight Silks is available at the link here:

Eight Silk Brocades

(Apologies if you're receiving a double post--my first attempt at sending this through the subscription list didn't seem to work.)

Reminder: No classes on Good Friday 2018

There will be no classes Good Friday, March 30, 2018. See you for regularly scheduled classes on Saturday, March 31, and Monday, April 2nd.

Newsletter, March / April 2018


New Tai Chi Beginners Classes start the first week of April 2018. Classes will run on Mondays from 12:30-2pm, and on Saturdays from 2-3pm. New beginners are encouraged to go to either or both of these classes, or mix and match if you like! More information about Tai Chi Beginners can be found here

The Tai Chi form that I teach takes five months or so to learn. There are many fundamentals to pick up at first, and then the process of working through the 108-move sequence. It's best if, as a new beginner, you get in as close to the start of a new cycle as you can. The next session won't start until October, so if you're interested in Tai Chi, no time like the present!


The next Spiritual Development Workshop runs this Sunday, March 18, 2018. More information here.


There will be NO CLASSES on Good Friday, March 30, 2018. Classes will run as usual for the rest of Easter weekend—Saturday, March 31, and Monday, April 2nd. 


The next Qigong Workshop runs at the Regent Centre on Sunday, April 15, 2018. More information here.

The April Spiritual Development Workshop will run on Sunday, April 22, 2018. More information here.