Tai Chi Sword Workshop, Sunday, December 8, 1-5pm

If you're in the Hamilton area, have spent time exploring tai chi, but have never had the pleasure of learning a weapons set, this is the workshop for you. The prerequisite is that you are familiar with a tai chi form; those who have learned Taoist style or have been learning from me at the Regent Centre will probably benefit most from learning this particular sword set. All are welcome, even if you haven't been to my classes before.

Tai chi sword is my favourite of all the disciplines I know. Sword is a classy sort of weapon: the fact that it is a two-bladed with lots of stabbing potential makes for intricate work. The movements are like the fine play of a surgeon's blade, as opposed to the broad, sweeping arcs of sabre (a curved, single-bladed weapon: think Japanese katana). Nothing against sabre: it's just that the challenges of sword encourage precision. Tai chi sword is a set through which you can really refine your practice.

Workshop details here. If you don't have a sword but would like to join the workshop, I will have a limited number of inexpensive swords on hand and available for purchase. Inquire before attending, please, especially if you are planning to purchase a sword through me.