Class and Workshop News

As those of you who attend regular classes at the Regent Centre know, I've been on hiatus for the last month, and Gillianne Shaver's Wednesday afternoon class is having its last session until October today. Today also marks the final Wednesday early evening session in Dundurn Park. I hope everyone who's been involved with those classes has a wonderful break, and manages to squeeze in some practice time as we reach the last few weeks of summer.

Regular classes resume the week following Thanksgiving. If you're looking for a bit of an extra boost to help you through until then, I'm running a Qigong and meditation workshop on Sunday, September 11. Details below.

Sunday, September 11, 2016
Regent Health Centre Studio
Fee: $60 for those who are not regular Tai Chi or Qigong Regent Centre students
$40 for regular Regent Centre students
Open to all

This Qigong workshop will focus on working with the gentle, whole-body movements of Qigong exercises to relax and invigorate the body and focus the mind. We will return once again to shamanic trance journey to help us connect with spiritual and energetic forces that guide all processes of healing and our life's direction. The workshop will include sitting and standing meditation.

The intention behind this workshop is to help set up participants for the year of practice on which we're about to embark, and to serve as a touchstone to help you receive future teachings. I expect it will be deeply soothing and fun.

To register or for more information, please contact Melissa at (905) 521-0043 or at