April Workshop and Class Schedule

With spring finally coming in, we're all a bit busier (yup, that includes me!), and can look forward to reconnecting with the outdoors. This post addresses both of these themes...


Regular classes will continue as usual in April and May, but there will be no classes on Good Friday, April 14, and no classes on Saturday, May 6, 2017. Please mark both of these dates in your calendars! 

OUTDOOR WORKSHOP, Sunday, April 30, 2017

Experience required. Only people I have taught previously, and / or those who are currently enrolled in classes at the Regent Centre, may attend. 

Note: the location of this workshop is subject to change, weather pending. You MUST be registered by email in order to join in the workshop. I will confirm the workshop location by email to all participants ahead of time, and reconfirm the night before, but if I don't have you included on the email list, you won't be able to attend. Transportation will be available from various points in Hamilton, if necessary. 

This workshop is going to be a bit of an experiment, so buckle in! 

As those of you who attend my regular classes know, the teachings we work with are a part of a long tradition, the ultimate aim of which is to harmonize the practitioner with the natural energies that surround us abundantly at all times. There is no better way to work with these energies than to go outside and get into direct contact with them. While we can do a lot of excellent training indoors, there really is no substitute for getting out under the sky. 

Participants will spend the afternoon learning general techniques for connecting with natural energies outdoors; paqua stepping / walking meditation on the trails; and working with trees, understanding the specific energies they offer at this time of year. After spending time outdoors, we will reconvene to the Regent Centre for sitting meditation, and to continue the work we have done outside. 

While the trails we will be using are reasonably maintained, there will be some gentle walking (1-3km, depending on the needs of the group) involved in this workshop. Please come prepared to walk up and down some slopes (nothing extreme, just--know this is a possibility) and clothed for the weather. 

Fee: $40

To register or for more information, please contact Melissa at smithmk2@gmail.com, or at (905) 521-0043. Please note, if you wish to register, I will require an email address.