Hiatus Schedule

As you all know, I'm taking my annual break from teaching throughout September and the early part of October. During this time, all classes are on hold except for Gillianne Shaver's Wednesday foundation classes. She's offering the following practice schedule:
Gillianne Shaver will be there:
12:45 Sword Set
1-2pm Tai Chi
2:-2:15 Loh Kup set
2:15-2:30 Sabre Set

We agreed on the following payment cycle if you intend to attend Gillianne's classes

Fee: pay Melissa $30/mth for August
pay me $30/mth for Sept
pay Melissa $30/mth when she's back on October 13th
Last Wednesday class will be Oct 11, then Gillianne is gone for two weeks.

If you are not attending Wednesday classes, the fee for October will be half of what you normally pay for a month. 

If you have any questions, please direct them to Gillianne at class, or to me at smithmk2@gmail.com.