Symptoms of Inner Peace

By Saskia Davis, ©1984

Via the Flylady.
1. Tendency to think and act spontaneously, rather than from fears based on past experiences.

2. An unmistakeable ability to enjoy each moment.

3. Loss of interest in judging self.

4. Loss of interest in judging others.

5. Loss of interest in conflict and one-upmanship.

6. Loss of interest in interpreting actions of worry.

7. Loss of ability to worry (This is a SERIOUS symptom!).

8. Frequent, overwhelming episodes of appreciation.

9. Feelings of contentment and connectedness with others and with Nature.

10. Frequent attacks of smiling.

11. Increased susceptibility to love and to "passing it forward."

12. Increased tendency to let things happen rather than make things happen.

NOTE: If you have all or even most of the above symptoms, your condition of Inner Peace may be so far advanced as to be untreatable!

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