Progressive Relaxation and Grounding Visualization - Audio Version!

Today, a treat!

A few posts ago I mentioned a handy progressive relaxation visualization that I developed in order to help my students relax. Relaxation is one of the hallmarks of Tai Chi and Qigong, and what makes it different from conventional forms of exercise. Even if you don't do Tai Chi or Qigong, but you want to move your energy, relax deeply, and ground yourself, this is a great little visualization technique.

I posted a written version of the progressive relaxation and grounding visualization a week or two ago. It's here if you prefer to read it. Please feel free to use this or distribute it any way you like. I'd appreciate an attribution / link / shoutout if you do, but it's not necessary.

Now, there's an audio version! Click on "play" below in order to listen, or go here to download it. Start to finish it takes less than ten minutes. That's no-excuses meditation!

The music on that file is "Paris" by Chris Harvey, and is courtesy of Magnatune's Music for Meditation complilation.

Music for Meditation by Magnatune Compilation

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